Freestyle Workshop

Fast-track your swimming! Our freestyle workshops utilise a stroke awakening endless pool, HD video analysis & top notch professional coaching

Only $95!!! SIGN ME UP

Date: No workshops planned at present.

Time: TBC.

IMG_0544Max no. of swimmers – 8 (with 2 coaches).

Workshop fee $95 per swimmer.

With nearly ten years experience of running workshops in New Zealand our workshops have become incredibly effective in helping swimmers improve their Freestyle.

Our clients learn to….

  • Relax & enjoy the water more.
  • Breathe more easily.
  • Improve their feel for the water.
  • Enjoy swimming with a more efficient stroke.
  • Swim better whether it be for pleasure, fitness or competition in the  pool or open water.

This workshop will have three clear, effective and enjoyable segments to it….

  1. Endless pool – here we quickly break down your swimming and give you the key pointers you need to improve things fast.
  2. 50m outdoor pool – this gives you the time to work on the changes whilst in a “normal” pool  – all under our guidance.
  3. HD Video analysis – we sit down with a drink and snack (provided) and evaluate your swimming, sending you home with a clear understanding of what you need to work on.

If you bring a USB memory stick along you can take home the footage of your swimming for later viewing.

A small selection of our workshop testimonials…..

“Great course. Really enjoyed it and got stuff to take away to work on. 10/10”  M.Voigt, Nelson.

“Thanks for the training. I swam today and it seemed much easier. it was like I could swim forever without getting puffed.” S.McGregor, Nelson.

“I thought the workshop was superb. I’m definitely a visual learner, so being able to watch others swim, and having Martin doing the demos really worked for me as did the video analysis.” P.Meer, Occupational therapist, Nelson.

“Great course. Looking forward to a bit more coaching once l’ve had time to practice all that was taught during the day. Thanks Lionel and Martin”   M.Bryant, Nelson

“Just wanted to let you know that I REALLY enjoyed the session on Sunday.  I have got heaps of tips out of it for my swimming!”  Vikki, Nelson.

“Swim lessons with Lionel have improved my swimming  immensely. I found the swim workshop very worthwhile. It was a fun way to learn with others in a group situation.  The infinity pool and video analysis helped me get a better feel of how to improve my swimming.”  Anthea, Nelson.

“The two key aspects of the workshop that I benefited from most were:

1. Observing and critiquing each others swim – Seeing how each swimmer needed to use their entire body and also to maintain alignment in the water and then recognizing how all those components need to work smoothly together.

2. Having my swim filmed and then analyzing it frame by frame with Lionel and the group truly made me see where the holes in my technique were. After watching it a few times I was able to carry those images with me to the pool and use them to improve my form.”  Claire, Nelson.

“I am pleased to say that I am now completing around 30 lengths at each session I go to – I don’t do these continuously as in not stopping, but my stops at the end of the pool are about 10 seconds long, and I have also been able to continue a few times without a break at all.  I am absolutely rapt at the progress I’ve made – I don’t now have to stop during the length, and get to the end of the pool without gasping for breath.  I feel so much more relaxed in the water, and I am even concentrating on my stroke instead of fighting to get to the surface all the time. Words can’t really describe the way that I feel about this – I’m just loving it now and once a week isn’t really enough – I’m keen to get back into the water and think about it a lot when I’m not swimming.” Sue McKee, Christchurch.

“At the start of the course you asked us for a single word to describe our swimming which I replied “inefficient”. Now the word is “cheating”. The swimming is going so well I really feel like I’m cheating. I’ve somehow developed a 2 beat kick as well. It seems like I can swim all day, doing it at a pace faster that my old windmill action too. Every now and again I find my technique gets a bit haggard but I can relate back to the simple steps you taught us and fix the issue really quickly. I’m stoked with the results. Thanks very much”. Steve Glue, Christchurch.

“It was a great weekend, I really enjoyed it so much so that I found myself down at the pool this morning, I just couldn’t get enough of this new relaxed swimming technique!” Rachel Jones, Christchurch.

“It is now a real pleasure to go to the pool” B.Hunter, Christchurch.