One-to-one adult swim coaching 

dolphin imageWould you like to…….

  • Relax and enjoy the water?
  • Learn to swim?
  • Breathe easier?
  • Become a more efficient and effective swimmer?
  • Participate in a sea swim event?

Lionel views water as something to work with, rather than something to overcome. His teachings focus on assisting you to become more efficient in your movement through the water, which leads to a more relaxed and comfortable swimming experience. He creates a superb learning environment, and his techniques are easy to understand and put in to practice. Improvement is now continuous and has become a regular and rewarding part of every one of my sessions.” Nic John


Each lesson is tailored specifically to your individual swimming goals with the frequency, duration of lessons being entirely up to you. Typically beginners and improvers book in for a weekly lesson for the first 2-3 weeks and then begin to spread them further apart as they become more confident in what they are aiming to do.

Your investment

  • Single one-to-ONE lesson – 30 mins = $45 / 60 mins = $90
  • 5 x 60 minute one-to-ONE lesson concession = $400 ($80 per hour)
  • One-to-TWO lesson – 60 mins = $95
  • HD video analysis & coaching session =  90 mins $135


When & Where

Lessons are available from Monday to Thursday between 7.15 am and 3.15 am and should be booked with Lionel in advance via phone or email.

Unless agreed otherwise all lessons take place at Riverside pool, 25 Riverside, Nelson.