Are you inspired by a challenge or event? Are you unsure how you can balance it with your work and family time and stay happy & healthy?


Whether you want to take part in your first fun run or train for a marathon or even an Ironman I can help you get there healthily. I specialize in working with athletes who are new to such challenges or who have struggled in the past with overtraining, injury and illness and now understand that to get results they need to train differently.

I have helped countless clients achieve their goals of completing / improving in a number of different events including: Runs up to marathon distance, Swims up to double marathon distance, Triathlons up to Ironman distance.

My approach in training clients has arisen from and utilises:

1. My own experiences as a swimmer, cyclist, runner & triathlete.

2. The holistic (health, fitness, wellbeing, enjoyment, results, sustainability) outcomes for all the clients / athletes I have worked with over the past 25 years.

3. My academic training.

4. Last and most definitely not least the excellent work of Dr Phil Maffetone (in my eyes the best coach of healthy endurance athletes ever) / Mark Allen (arguably the best Ironman ever) / Stu Mittleman (ultra distance runner)…. google their names for more info.

“Lionel gave me the confidence to take on a much bigger challenge & agreed to help me train for the Challenge Wanaka Ironman. Although it may sound cliché this race was a life changing experience for me. Lionel’s way of training & coaching helped me to take responsibility for my own health & wellbeing – something that I hadn’t being doing for a very long time! When I eventually crossed that finishing line in Wanaka almost 18 months after we started that journey, I was a very different / healthier & happier person. As I said to Lionel after the race – ’it is a testament to your training that I completed the race & came out the other side in fairly good condition’.

The point of difference that I know Lionel has, is in helping his client achieve a good life balance – it’s not just about the amount or type of training but ensuring that everything in your life is taken in to consideration so that you can focus on the things that you need to! Thanks again Lionel – I know I’ll be requiring your help again very soon!!!”  Gill Lawrence, Hanmer springs.

Previous and existing clients have reported the following benefits;

  1. Vastly improved fitness / performance.
  2.  Less injuries / illness / fatigue.
  3.  Improved health and sense of wellbeing.
  4.  Increased enjoyment, motivation & self-belief.
  5.  Clarity on what they needed to do short / long term to achieve their goal.
  6.  Clarity on their weaker links and what they needed to do to improve upon them.
  7.  Ongoing support for the ups / downs and when life seems to get in the way of progress
  8.  Nutritional advice that is relevant for performance / health & weight-loss.

The monthly fee for these benefits is $175 and includes;

  • Monthly 60 minute meeting – Clients meet with me (or SKYPE call if not in Nelson) at a pre-agreed location / time / day to discuss how the previous months programme has gone.
  • Monthly personalised exercise programme designed specifically to develop your strengths / “weaknesses” and detailing session frequency, duration and intensity (Heart rate is often used for this) and mode i.e. walk, cycle, run etc.
  • E-mail support
  • Text /Phone support

I have known Lionel for 6 years, firstly as a coach, and lately in conjunction to coaching, as a mentor.
I have found him very easy to communicate with:- as I don’t live in Nelson we have phone conversations each month, and in between, emails.
He is very articulate & has a great ability to pick up how I’m feeling. He is very present & hears what I am saying; he has a very easy manner, is very positive, getting the best from any situation.
He has great knowledge of the human body which enables him to help with injuries & to sort out problems related to the mechanics of swimming, biking, and running.
I would thoroughly recommend him as a coach/mentor. W.Abbott, Hanmer

“Lionel has looked after my triathlon training for six years. In that time he’s wound the clock back to give me times I haven’t achieved for a decade. The gradual buildups have allowed me to stay injury-free and peak when it counts.” P.Gibbs, Nelson.