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The keys are Balance & Mindfulness.

Life balance comes from becoming clear on the things that are most important to you and then finding the time to live them. To become clear I believe we must slow down and become more mindful / present of who we are, where we are and what we want. Life is an ongoing process that we need to check in on regularly…. we need to keep a close eye on the important things that we tend to let go of the minute we become distracted. It is often those small things that are more important than anything when one we look at our lives more objectively.

With all the coaching work I do here at Oneflow my philosophy is the same: I aim to keep it simple, enjoyable and process-focused. I believe that we take ourselves far too seriously thus over complicating our problems, which distracts us from the very process that can lead us to a solution. I repeatedly find that when we face, move towards and into our “problem(s)” with a light, patient and curious approach, our perspective on the issue changes for the better. This is where the “two heads are better than one” concept comes into play as a fresh and objective coaching viewpoint can more often than not help us come out of that dark hole of despair and into a proactive process-oriented road to solution. As we begin to improve we instantly enjoy that area more. In a nutshell, we all love what we are good at. We also love improving!

“Lionel has always been ready to listen to not only what I am saying, but to hear what I actually mean, even when I’m not too sure about this myself.  He has changed the way I view things and events that happen in my life, helped me to enjoy the now, and cope with the cliffs which lead to the next plateau.  As important as these are in my life today, the most important gift he has given to me, is to help me realise that I am valuable as a person, and that my happiness is my choice.” C. de Lange, Nelson.

If you are considering coaching as the way forwards for yourself  rest assured that I will be fully committed to helping you get your best possible outcome – I will be in your corner supporting, encouraging you all the way whilst observing and asking the right questions to keep you on track. You will learn more (about yourself) than you will need, to achieve your goal and will enjoy the process as well as the outcome – what could be better than that.

“I couldn’t imagine what you meant by “peace” when we started out on our sessions but more and more that’s where I am and it feels good.  I can see the beauty around me, and look for it every day, and there’s so much to see.  I smile and feel calm. I have a better idea of what is important in life.” N. Marsh, Christchurch.