Would you like to;

  1. Reduce your stress levels and feel calmer ?
  2. Become more effective & efficient in your work?
  3. Lead a more active, healthier lifestyle?
  4. Have more time and energy for the things you love?
  5. Be present in your life and grateful for it?



If you have had enough of the “more haste, less speed” or “no pain, no gain” approach to life then I may be able to help you to begin living a healthier, more contented and far more fulfilling life…… a slower paced life in which you feel more authentic, grateful, connected and fulfilled.


Each client and their schedule will determine the best environment for their coaching however I have often found a mix of all the environments to be very effective as each offers a different type of interaction and therefore learning. Options in my / my clients preferred order are:

  • Walk and talk preferably out in nature….de-stressing, energising, healthy and highly effective!
  • Sit and talk at a pre-agreed cafe (the drinks are on me) / at clients workplace ( only if absolutely necessary).
  • Telephone or SKYPE….phone coaching is incredibly effective, and is convenient for busy people whose time is limited.


Subject to availability I work with clients between the hours of 7.15 am and 7.15 pm Monday to Thursday.

“Coaching with Lionel opened the way for what would become a whole realm of personal development and growth for me over a two-year period. The sessions I spent with him were very high quality, and I’ve seen a few coaches in action. He has a very calm and centered way of finding out the areas you want to work on and tailors his tools and techniques to your situation. He personalises his approach and remembers the things that are specific to you. He remembers your stuff and helps without judging. Working with Lionel was one on the best decisions I ever made.”

Darren Mark, Managing principal, Crowe Horwath, Nelson.

Your investment

  1. Free – 30 minute consultation – This gives us both the opportunity to meet each other and briefly discuss your challenge and see if we both feel that coaching is the best way forwards.
  2. Personal coaching – $145 per 75 minute session….A block of 6 sessions $745 ($124 per session) ….A block of 12 sessions $1395 ($116 per session) .
  • Executive / Business coaching – $175 per 75 minute session….A block of 6 sessions $995…..A block of 12 sessions $1895.

I often encourage clients to commit to blocks of 6 or 12 sessions as change rarely happens overnight, we all take time to assimilate learning’s and often need support and objectivity along the way.

“Lionel’s depth of knowledge and commitment to nourishing the human soul is an inspiration to me.  The irony is, I get better results than ever now but have totally let go of judging myself by them.”

Fran Tindall, Training & Development professional, London,

“The sessions with Lionel were invaluable, he taught me how to face challenges and guided me in all aspects of setting up a business – but never once did he dictate exactly what I had to do. The beauty of this is that he’s given me the ability to work things through for myself, my business is thriving and my confidence is soaring.  If you have the opportunity to employ Lionel as your coach, don’t let it pass by – it was the best thing I ever did!”

V.Worrall, Self-employed Health & Wellness professional.