Hi, my name is Lionel Padial and Oneflow Coaching and all that it offers is a culmination of many rewarding years of  study, experience, challenge and learning for me which has allowed me to focus my work on helping others to achieve their goals. Whilst I have spent many years enjoying my own challenges I have discovered that what I am best at and get the most pleasure and satisfaction from is helping /seeing others achieve what they thought was impossible. Whether a client is learning to put their head under the water for the first time without panic, starting their own business, improving their health or swimming the Cook Strait – to be a part of the journey and challenge from dream to reality is incredibly rewarding.


Personal values that are important to me are: mental / physical / spiritual wellbeing – the first step and foundation for everything, openness, integrity, humility, compassion, humour, physical challenge, growth, peace, equality but perhaps most of all connection.

I live these values via my work and interests which include: coaching / teaching, physical activity preferably out in nature, reading, writing, music,  and last but not least spending time with family and friends.


  • BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science
  • Total Immersion Swimming Coach
  • Amateur Swimming Association – Swim Teachers certificate
  •  Personal training & Advanced Instruction
  • Life Coach certificate
  • Diploma in Performance Coaching

Having worked with Lionel for almost 3 years both as a swim and triathlon coach I would have to say that without doubt that it’s his innate ability to connect with his clients which sets him apart from other coaches.

His high level of in-depth knowledge of swimming and coaching is a given. Lionel’s simple approach to life is evident in his coaching with a step by step approach without over complicating.

Lionel genuinely has a sincere interest to help his clients achieve, what at sometimes can seem an almost impossible task. He has the ability to nurture, inspire, and build confidence every step of the way. His humble, relaxed, open nature and sense of humour have personally made the whole journey fun and enjoyable. S.Scott, Nelson

Personal experiences brief summary (it’s about you not me but if you are interested ask me more when we meet):DSC05172

Swimmer, wannabe soccer player, motorcycle hoon and wayward teenager, lifeguard, swim teacher / coach, married, children, cross training i.e. swim-bike-run, , triathlete, sports scientist, personal trainer, sports facility management, father died then friend soon after, life reevaluation, what’s really important in this life?, performance coach training, performance / health & wellbeing coaching, 22kms Cable bay to Tahuna beach in Nelson with my daughter for fun, enjoying life and “work”. Interestingly (to me), swimming mindfully and philosophy have been the constants throughout these life “adventures” and it is often through working with water that I learn most.